About our ARK Server, We are a community that loves to play together we have up to 15 people on a day. we are running 5 maps 4 PVE and 1 PVP the maps we run are Ragnorock, TheIsland, The Center, Abbaration. PVP map is The Center we have up to 15 mods on most of the map. UnknownSkies community welcomes everyone to join and we would love to have you on our side. we are a family safe community and we love what we do. Hope to see you there and have a nice day. 


Rules for ARK
1. Do not make admins come up with more rules or creative ones! USE COMMON SENSE!
2. Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes insults;
    A) sexist comments
    B) radical expressions
    C) verbal abuse
    D) racist remarks.
3. Parking dinos on mountains for longer than 24 hours will get your dino deleted. No warnings.
4. Old structures must be demolished. This includes
    A) Abandoned, raided and un-needed structures
    B) Unused/Unbuilt on rafts C) fishing spots not attached to base
    D) Taming boxes.ALL taming boxes/structures should be taken down after use.
5. The obelisks must not be built on and must be reachable by foot, or by a dino as big as a titan. Do not block these off!
6. Building in front of artifact caves or too close is not allowed.
    A) sleeping bags,gravestones, foundations, tents, teleporters should not be placed in caves.
7. If you’ll be inactive for more than 7 days please tell one of our Admins.
    A) bases are on auto-decay! -thatch decay is 4d ays -wood decay is 8 days -stone decay is 12 days -metal decay is 16 days(edited)
8. Please do NOT build in order to prevent other players from building there. THIS WILL GET YOU BANNED!
    A) no pillar spamming
    B) no torches as pathways, etc.
    C) No walling in large areas of land (if your walls cannot render from one side to another it is breaking this rule)
    D) useless foundations/random placed foundations
    E) no foundations with beds and/or smithys, etc as a "placeholder" or marker.
9. Do not build on or near (within` 15 foundations) of player spawns. Your base will be deleted.
    A) this includes sand beaches
    B) Viking bay beaches (this is a popular spawn to build)
    C) Admins have small bases near spawn points to help.
10. Do not build where there are a high resource spawn are or base will be taken down.
     A) use common sense. If there is a lot of it do not build there. Examples: crystal cliff in Viking bay.
11. Awesome Teleporters are used on this map. Each TRIBE can only place three teleporters.
     A) admins have multiple teleporters for public use.
12. Each tribe is limited to only three bases to cut down on lag and wipes.
    A) One large common base / main base (has to be within a range of an s+ nanny / 100 foundations )
    B) two small or one medium base no bigger than one large tree / cliff platform. NOTE: Do not have a mass amount of dinos out. If you are not using them for breeding immediately or farming keep them in dino storages please. ADMINS WILL NOT BE GIVING WARNINGS!! IF BREAKING RULES. it will be deleted. If you are unsure ask an admin to check it out.
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